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October 15, 2008

3000 Words

This is in response to the comment in the post below, which seems to suggest that Betsy McGregor fabricated incidents of sign theft or vandalism in Peterborough Riding during the campaign.

Just for the record: I experienced two separate incidents at one of my properties in the city.

I took photos and reported the incidents to the McGregor campaign.

When I called in for the second time (September 28th), the campaign team representative told me that they had lost 47 signs the night before.

- Ann

18/09/28   10:59 AM

18/09: Brand new signs: 1 large sign; 2 small signs; all signs intact.

9/28/08 5:28 PM

9/29: 1 large sign; 1 small sign. 2 signs down; 1 sign stolen.

10/6/08   8:50 AM

10/6: 1 large sign left - crumpled and destroyed. Sign tally: 2 stolen, 1 destroyed.

You can fact-check many of the other statements made by this commenter by reading Betsy McGregor's bio. The commenter might wish to do the same.


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Next time, I'm thinking I'll go for the roof display -- as in Santa and Rudolph urge you to vote for ___. It will be eye-catching and it will require greater effort to mess with.

We just have our signs affixed to the porch pillars. Living in the thick of the student ghetto (and I really, really do use that term affectionately and maybe a bit to keep squares away because I adore my neighbourhood with all my heart and wouldn't trade it for the world) where political expression goes on a slightly more hardcore bent than in other neighbourhoods, we had 14 signs stolen in as many days before I just gave up the ghost and rethought the plan. It works!

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