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September 22, 2008

What the Liberals Have to Offer: Key Elements of Party Platform Plus Green Shift At a Glance

This reality check item from the Liberal campaign team does a nice job of clarifying how Green Shift fits into the overall campaign.



The Conservative spin machine is trying to portray that Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion is distancing himself from the Liberal Green Shift plan.


The Green Shift is a cornerstone of the Liberal plan for Canada in the 21st century.  This has been the case since it was launched three months ago and continues to be true today.

"The Green Shift is about the tax system, the tax system is the foundation," explains Dion. "But you need to build a house on the foundation."

Peoplelogo Over the past two weeks, Mr. Dion has unveiled a series of commitments to

  • keep our communities safer,
  • tackle the growing infrastructure deficits faced by our cities and communities,
  • invest in child care for Canadian families,
  • address the shortage of health care professionals and
  • establish a national plan for coverage of catastrophic drugs to ensure that Canadians don't suffer as a result of provincial/territorial inequities in coverage
  • reinvest in arts and culture in new and innovative ways. *

Plantman These commitments build on the foundation of our comprehensive plan to

  • create jobs,
  • keep the budget balanced,
  • cut income taxes,
  • put money back into the pockets of Canadians and
  • build the strongest, greenest economy in the world,
    all of which are at heart of the Liberal Green Shift plan.

Stephen Harper is trying to convince Canadians that they have to choose
between a strong economy and a clean environment. He's wrong.

The Liberal plan is good for the planet and good for Canadians' wallets

* My addition based on programme announcement over the weekend.

Update: It must be so disheartening to have to work on the cleanup squad at Liberal campaign headquarters. Once a rumor gets out there, it's out there. I really hate the fact that there's no penalty attached to willfully spreading false rumors in order to try to win an election -- or making campaign promises and then breaking them. Or threatening to hold another election if you don't get your way. This is no way to behave if you want to be considered leadership material. Real leaders play by the rules; they don't kick their opponents under the table. Got it?


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Thanks for dropping by, Billy. The Green Shift program provides refundable tax credits to Canadians in all income brackets to offset the carbon tax on fuel. You can use the tax calculator at http://www.thegreenshift.ca to find out how this would apply to your situation. Hope this helps.

I think that the liberals are a big mistake. If you vote for them then you risk our gas going up in price to around $2.00 a liter and isn't it enough already.

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