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September 29, 2008

Rekindling the Dream of A Just Society

"What separates us from the Conservatives is that we believe you can’t have an efficient economy without a just society.

"A just society — where every citizen is equal; where we succeed together, because we look after each other; where no Canadian goes to the wall when times are tough; where no Canadian has to walk the lonely road of poverty or ill health alone.

"A market economy demands a just and equal society.  You can’t have an efficient economy, without a just and equal society. This is the key idea behind Canadian liberalism.

"That’s not Harper’s Canada.

"That’s a Liberal Canada."

- Michael Ignatieff, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Member of Parliament Etobicoke-Lakeshore, If Harper Succeeds You Will Wake Up in a Canada You No Longer Recognize, from his speech to the Economic Club of Toronto earlier today.

Thanks to those Progressive-Bloggers who tipped me off to this speech. It's extremely inspiring.


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