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September 25, 2008

Peterborough Confidential: Melanie Wants to Get Inside Your Election Brain

KeyholeMelanie of Cushti is asking people in Peterborough Riding how they're doing their election research -- or if they're doing their election research).

(I remember someone quoted in the Peterborough Examiner last week during one of their voter-on-the-street roundups stated that she wasn't going to vote because, if she did vote, she would simply vote for the candidate with the coolest name.)

Anyway, you won't want to miss Melanie's passionate post about her political crushes and who she's not loving quite so much in our riding.

She's a fabulous writer and her blog is gorgeous.


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Well shucks. Thanks, Ann. Funny that you should bring up the non-voting thing as that's another post I've been mulling over for quite some time.

I do hope to glean some insight into how we Peterboroughians are informed. It seems to me our little riding has been getting quite a lot of attention lately (how many of the big shots have been in town over the last couple of weeks?) and we're a pretty political city to begin with.

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