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September 19, 2008

Peterborough Examiner Receives Response from Company Behind Little Lake Proposal

Waterlilies Today's Peterborough Examiner contains a hard-hitting letter from Nicholas T. Macos, the President of Lift Lock Lands Ltd (the company behind the Little Lake development proposal).

You can read the letter in its entirety on the Examiner's web site. I just wanted to highlight and comment upon a couple of Macos' statements here.

"Your newspaper has written a number of articles about the proposal for development on Little Lake made by Lift Lock Lands Ltd. You have associated Saverio Montemarano with this proposal. This is not news and has been well known to senior city staff and local politicians for some time."

Comment: Reporter Brendan Wedley noted in his article earlier this week that "[Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro] refused to tell city council or county council during his presentations the name of the developer who commissioned the business plan."

And in an earlier news story, published when news of the development project broke on the eve of the election, Peterborough councillor Ann Farqharson expressed her frustration about how Peterborough city council, city planning staff, and the public had all been kept in the dark about the proposal. "I'm concerned it has been in the works for two years and it wasn't formally shared with council until (Tuesday), and the plan was completed a year ago," Farquharson told The Examiner yesterday. "I'm also concerned it wasn't shared with the city planning department and the public. "To drop a $90-million plan on our laps after two years of planning and asking for council support without city or public input is unfair."

"Your articles seem to suggest something wrong with local MP Dean Del Mastro not disclosing the ownership behind the proposal when he is just a decent man respecting commercial privacy as required by privacy legislation."

Comment: This comment doesn't make any sense to me. Could Macon be referring to a non-disclosure agreement? How could Del Mastro (a politician) be bound by the provisions of commercial privacy legislation governing corporations?

"However, the inclusion of irrelevant innuendo is not fair journalism."

Sometimes, what sounds like innuendo is actually a journalist being cautious. Brendan Wedley is one of the most responsible and ethical journalists I've ever met -- a true professional. We're lucky to have him in Peterborough.


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Looks like small town politics at their best ! It will be interesting to know who knew what and when about this development ! Councillor Farqharson, is a lady of great integrity. I bet she was not one of the local politicians that knew who the developer was to be !!! It will be interesting to hear from local politicians and city staff on what they knew and when.

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