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September 26, 2008

My Letter to the Editor of the Peterborough Examiner

Yesterday, the Peterborough Examiner ran my Letter to the Editor regarding Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro's involvement with the Little Lake proposal.

Basically, I asked why Peterborough's Member of Parliament has been shopping around a private developer's proposal -- and one that is directly at odds with the mandate of a federal government agency.

Parks Canada Mandate
Standing Orders: House of Commons: Appendix 1

Is it Progress if We Destroy What Was Already Perfect?


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Peterborough needs to elected another honest, not full of b/s ideas when it is re-election time Liberal to replace Peter in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Team Dean just does not cut it... he is a snake oil selling car saleman, send him back to Mommy's business (I think that is what he says about the DelMastro Motors connection... "it belongs to my mother."

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