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September 29, 2008

My Letter to Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

I just sent the following letter to Friends of Canadian Broadcasting:

Dear Friends:

I'm quite dismayed that CBC.ca reversed its initial decision to back columnist Heather Mallick regarding her controversial column about Sarah Palin.

Does this mean that only non-controversial opinions will be welcomed at the CBC?

If so, what's the point of having a CBC?

The CBC is supposed to be the voice of all Canadians -- not just ones whose opinions are endorsed by the far-right.

Could Friends please investigate and report back to its members about what led to the reversal decision, whether there was any external pressure from government funders to go this route, and whether we are likely to see more of this kind of columnist censorship from the CBC in the future?

Thank you.

Ann Douglas


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Hear, hear!

This calls for a firm response from Friends.

Thanks for sharing this. I was inspired to draft my own letter, duly sent to both the CBC Ombudsman and Friend of the CBC.

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