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September 24, 2008

Important Question for All You Election Act Whiz Kids

Here's a question for you Election Act Whiz Kids, who seem to know the Election Act inside out.

The website for my Member of Parliament has always been hosted at the following URLs:


These addresses have been advertised widely at the taxpayer's expense.

It is no longer possible to access Del Mastro's constituency website because his constituency website is now redirecting traffic to his campaign website. On some computers, you can see the redirect occurring. On other computers, the effect is masked. But either way, it's clear that you're ending up on a campaign website, not a constituency website:


What's more, Dean Del Mastro's profile on the Government of Canada website directs traffic to the former constituency URL which, in turn, redirects traffic to the campaign website.

Could this not be considered a violation of Section 321 of The Elections Act?

321. (1) No person shall knowingly conduct election advertising or cause it to be conducted using a means of transmission of the Government of Canada.

It appears that the entire Peterborough Riding constituency website has been taken offline. This has been the case for at least the past few days. I first noticed the problem on Monday.

Taxpayers are paying for access to the information that was on the constituency blog and Del Mastro is being paid during the election to be our MP.

Turning the constituency website into a forwarding link to drive traffic to a campaign website is definitely not cool.


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