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September 14, 2008

Dean Del Mastro Then vs. Dean Del Mastro Now: Memorable Quotes on Ethics, Truth, Crime, and More

What a difference a year or two can make when it comes to political promises. Dean Del Mastro then vs. now on the issues of ethics, truth in politics, crime, and fixed-date elections.

Ethics in politics THEN

"Once the Federal Accountability Act becomes law,
these deplorable events will become simple reminders of the past.
A past that I am committed to see never re-visited."
- Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro,
writing in his blog on November 29, 2006

Ethics in politics NOW

The Harper government has been troubled by a
growing number of scandals, including one
with a uniquely Peterborough connection –
the Toronto-Peterborough rail link that
Whitby-Oshawa Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
railroaded into the February 2008 budget
without consulting with the appropriate government
transportation planning authorities
Canadians will find out the truth about the train
(will it be approved? who will pay for it?) and get the facts about other
Conservative scandals (Schreiber, in-and-out election financing,
and others) after they have gone to the polls.

Truth in politics THEN

"Here's a plan that I offer up
free of charge to the Liberal Party.
Start by promising not to ...
steal from the taxpayers.
Try keeping your word on anything....
but then again why would a
Liberal want to mix truth and politics?"
-    Dean Del Mastro in a Letter to the Editor of
The Peterborough Examiner on
September 28, 2007.

Truth in politics NOW

"I got the rail. I did and
I couldn't have done it without Jim Flaherty."
- Dean Del Mastro, speaking at his campaign office
on September 12, 2008.
FACT: The proposed rail link to Peterborough
has yet to be approved

Crime THEN

"I want people to understand that I’m not just out
trying to score cheap political points on crime issues
by scaring the public at large."
- Dean Del Mastro, speaking at a press conference
held at his family's car wash when his family's car wash
was vandalized in 2007.

Crime NOW

Dean Del Mastro warns about
the dire consequences of "young thugs"
and "lawless punks"
committing crimes without consequence
in a July 2008 mailing to constituents,
triggering a backlash and an official complaint.

Fixed-date elections THEN

"I think we recognize that the bill (C-16) is about levelling
the playing field for all parties in the House, not to give
the government an advantage to call a snap election
when perhaps another party is not ready. It would allow
for a better debate on policy and on principle so that
all parties could go into an election prepared and
our voters could make the best decisions."
- Dean Del Mastro, speaking in the House of Commons
on Nov. 6, 2006

Fixed-date elections NOW

Dean Del Mastro did not speak out against
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's
decision to force an early election when
the Prime Minister decided
to take Canadians to the polls this fall.



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