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September 13, 2008

Birds of a Feather: Jim Flaherty and Dean Del Mastro

The resemblance is startling. (Another photo - all event photos).

And at least one of the two trainiacs has started started to believe that the Toronto-Peterborough is already a fait accompli. (What do they call it if you start to see ghost trains?)

Jim Flaherty said: "We don't need to have the huge environmental assessments. Guess what, it's already a train, it's already running down to union station. My response is [ two large blasts on a wooden train whistle ]."

Dean Del Mastro said: "I got the rail. I did and I couldn't have done it without Jim Flaherty."

They made their comments at this week's official launching of Dean Del Mastro World Headquarters.

While at the event, Flaherty claimed ignorance about the Liberal plans for the GST when he was asked why he was continuing to spread misinformation about the Liberal financial platform in Peterborough on Friday. (Should the finance minister be this ignorant of his own file?) (Is this kind of ignorance contagious?)

And the way the crowd dealt with a protester at the event who asked about the party's plans to deal with poverty and health care made the front page of the Peterborough Examiner. (Photo)


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