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March 10, 2008

This Blog Hasn't Been Buried in Snow....


But the resident blogger has been forced to go on a bit of a blogging hiatus in order to devote her attention to family matters. But rest assured that she's paying attention and working political mischief (I mean magic) in real life. More local political propaganda is being stockpiled for future research purposes; and news stories are being clipped, so that bloggers who don't have access to the Peterborough media won't miss out on quotable quotes from he who is so quoteworthy.

Gotta run. It's March Break and I'm trying to wrap up two writing assignments so I can switch back into fun mode. Besides I've got to conserve my blogging energy for when things get really serious in this riding, if you know what I mean.


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so good to 'see' you! sending xxx

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