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November 28, 2007

Keep Your Eyes on the Puppet


"It appears to me that the prime minister is speaking out of one side of the government's mouth and the minister of justice is speaking out of the other."
- Edward Greenspan, lawyer for Karlheinz Schreiber, commenting in an email to the CBC about the remarkable ventriloquist act that been carried off in Ottawa recently.

Attention Political Shoppers! Treat yourself to your own ventriloquist dummy this holiday season. Available for purchase from ThrowThings.com. Description: "The head is mounted on a wooden post and can turn full circle, tilt, and nod! The mouth and eyes are controlled by levers on the control stick and are easy to use. The hard hollow body is made completely of wood with no cardboard pieces. They come clothed and can wear a children’s size 3T. Shoes are not included. With unmatched character, realistic wigs and eyelashes, these 35 inch professional ventriloquist dummies are truly the finest figures on our site! David has black hair and brown eyes. Actual outfits may vary from those shown."


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You're very welcome, Kitty. And thanks for the add at your end. The only one who has to ask permission before adding me to his blog is Canada's New Ventriloquist. (I want him to practice humility, if only in this one tiny area of his life.)

BTW, Kitty: I thought you were here all along (sometimes I see links that aren't here....) but when I looked for you, I couldn't find you. Here, Kitty, Kitty....

Love your blog, Ann! I just thought I'd better let you know that I added you to my 'blogroll.' Thanks so much for adding me to yours :)

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