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3 posts from October 2007

October 20, 2007

The Must-Have Political Poster (Unless You Always Vote for Lapdogs and Mouthpieces)

Vote2Hot off the presses from Jackson Creek Press (which specializes in small runs of limited edition posters, cards, and other collectible works of art printed on a vintage printing press) comes this political poster and political call to arms.

The poster urges people to vote for political candidates who "think and speak for themselves and their constituents" as opposed to electing "lapdogs and mouthpieces."

Img_2718Jackson Creek Press is based in Peterborough, Ontario -- an area which is represented federally by MP Dean Del Mastro (Conservative). You may recognize him as the man who was quoted briefly at the end of The Peterborough Examiner's excellent interview with Betsy McGregor (Federal Liberal candidate, Peterborough riding) earlier this week.

October 04, 2007

And from the incomparable Nancy White....

Audio Version and Lyrics and Credits: More Women (in the Legislature)

Note: Nancy's daughters -- Suzy and Maddy Wilde of StoneFox -- are also part of the production. (If you have a great memory, you'll recall that she referred to them on her early '90s hit CD Momnipotent, which is still my all-time favorite collection of songs about motherhood. But "the girls" are all grownup now and have become singer-activists in their own right. Too cool.)

This is Canada's Border on Autopilot

19002733If the information about terrorists and fugitives that is being supplied to Canadian border officials by the FBI lumps peace activists in with hardened criminals, shouldn't Canada apply its own criteria when deciding who should -- and shouldn't -- gain admission to Canada?

"The Canadians accepted wholesale once you're on the list, you don't get into Canada," former senior diplomat Ann Wright told the Associated Press.

And we stopped thinking for ourselves when?