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July 11, 2007

Making Change

BloghersactcanadaThe way women are pulling together online to try to change the world reminds me of the maternal feminism movement of 100 years ago (the sensible bits -- not the "women are the purer sex and therefore should be the moral guardians of society" and the "stay away from the Chardonnay" philosophies, which made me gag, even back when I was a young, idealistic university student). It's an old idea made new and accessible thanks to technology -- Nellie McClung meets Mothers Acting Up meets Mothers Rising in whatever five-minute snippet of time a particular mom can seize for herself in front of a computer screen on a particular day.

Of course, it goes without saying that not every mom has a computer. That's always a barrier. But at least it's a start to pull together the women who are online and engaged in wanting to work for change.

I'd also like to have dads/men included in some way -- maybe in a parallel stream? -- but that's outside the mandate of BlogHer. I guess someone needs to toss the baton to the BlogHims.

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