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May 18, 2007

Shocked and Appalled (or Something Like That)

RobotfaceI posted the comment below over at the The Stop Stephen Harper Blog. The post was talking about other blog posts referring to a report in today's National Post that some Conservative party members have been given a secret manual outlining strategies for disrupting parliamentary procedures. ("A secret guidebook that details how to disrupt parliamentary committees has been given to select Conservative MPs.") How this is supposed to improve the mood and the conduct in The House is beyond me.

It appears that a new strategy is to feign outrage at the tactics being used by the opposition -- the very same tactics that have been made famous by the Harper Government.

On Wednesday, Dean Del Mastro (a Harper-ite, my MP, and a master when it comes to manipulation and time wasting strategies) said "Mr. Speaker, once again we see debate in this House brought down to levels to which it should never go. The member quite frankly brought up so many points that were false, I do not know where to begin."

Of course, later in the same session, he objected to the "disrespect" shown by Garth Turner to members of the automotive industry, leading Garth Turner to respond: "I thank the member for Peterborough for eating up some time uselessly."

In Peterborough, we don't need any other channels but the Parliamentary Channel to entertain ourselves full-time.

And our preferred daily reading? Hansard, of course!


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Right on Ann !

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