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May 18, 2007

Killing Time Until Recess

Graffitti2It's hard not to get discouraged about the speed at which Parliament gets things done -- or doesn't get things done -- when you consider all the important work that is waiting to be done on the social justice, environmental, health, and poverty fronts. (That's just the starter of a very long "to do" list which the government doesn't appear to have any interest in tackling.)

And with The Star reporting that Harper may be looking for excuses to shut things down -- perhaps for as long as a four month recess -- well, you have to wonder if this government is just killing time, hoping that its political fortunes will improve so that it can seek that all-mighty majority.

I remember reading a poll that indicated that politicians tend to get higher approval ratings from the public during the summer months when Parliament is on recess, so maybe that's part of the latest Harper strategy: get the Conservative Party members out of The House, where they're annoying Canadians on a daily basis, before they drive his poll numbers down any further.

On the other hand, I tend to agree with St├ęphane Dion's take on the situation -- that the Conservatives are "beyond strategy." Why else would they have resorted to distributing a handbook on the art of disrupting Parliament?

And speaking of Conservative Handbooks, you have to wonder if some Canadianized version of the U.S. Conservative Debate Handbook is making the rounds in Ottawa. It makes for quite the read.


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