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May 18, 2007

Del Mastro Wants CBC to Explain Programming Decision

Upset by the content of an absurdist comedy satire he read about but did not actually have the chance to watch, Dean Del Mastro would like CBC officials to be called before the House of Commons' Heritage Committee so that they can explain why they aired two half-hour show pilots for The Altar Boy Gang.

He will also be writing a letter to the president of the CBC to express his disappointment with the show's content.

CBC spokesperson Jeff Keay told The Peterborough Examiner that the CBC's audience relations department had received both positive and negative feedback about the show. Most of the negative feedback was generated by media coverage about the show.

Keay explained that, as a condition of receiving funding through the Canadian Television Fund, CBC was required to air the two-half hour show pilots. He added that the CBC had already decided that the pilots would not air again, nor would the show be made into a series.

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Oh boy. Dean’s idiocy of the day.
He never disappoints!

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