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April 13, 2007

Peterborough Riding: The Final Countdown

Number8_5In just eight days, the Federal Liberal nomination will be held in Peterborough Riding.

Democracy is a responsibility and it only works when voters take the time to research what each candidate has to offer. Because so few people are charged with the responsibility of choosing who will represent a particular political party in a particular riding, it's even more important that those voters do their homework.

We often talk about education, experience, and who has endorsed whose campaign.

I think this takes the emphasis off a more important issue: character.

You want a Member of Parliament who will show grace under pressure; who will treat people with respect, even when the going gets tough.

You want someone who will advocate for principles of justice and who will hold people accountable for their actions and their words.

You want someone who entered politics to truly make a difference.

It's something worth thinking about.

Peterborough Riding Liberal Nomination Meeting: Betsy McGregor Update


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