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March 06, 2007

Meet Betsy McGregor at the Holiday Inn, Peterborough, Wednesday at 5 pm

My friend Jane is really going all out with her efforts to try to help Betsy McGregor win the nomination for the Federal Liberal nomination in Peterborough Riding.

She just sent me this note and asked me to pass it along to all my friends. Since most of my friends read this blog (and people who don't know they're my friends yet are likely to stumble upon this blog), I thought I'd post it here.

I've been helping behind the scenes on Betsy's communications team for the past few months and I can tell you that she's passionate, committed, and she has fabulous connections in Ottawa -- the kind that could really help to get Peterborough Riding back on track.

Once you meet her, you'll know she's "the one."

- Ann

Here's Jane's note:

Please take time this Wednesday, March 7 to meet Dr. Betsy McGregor at the Holiday Inn 5:00 pm in the lounge.  Betsy is seeking the Liberal Nomination.

I met Betsy when Dr. Brian Desbiens phoned me about this wonderful opportunity to advance a compassionate, credible and highly connected candidate.  As Brian and so many others have affirmed, Betsy is Cabinet material and we would be lucky to have her as our champion.  She places the environment and the economy with women's health as top priorities.

We have a week left to buy a membership to help Betsy become our candidate.  She needs us.  You can register online www.liberal.ca.  It costs $10 to then be able to vote.  Youth from 14 years old to 25 years old can join for $5.00  The election will be in the next few weeks here in Peterborough in a high school.

Flora MacDonald had a "dollar bill campaign" - and appealed to women across our nation to mobilize.  Kim Campbell sold gold "K" letters to women for her campaign.  Betsy is asking us to please help her by buying a membership and coming out to vote.

Canada is 47th in the world in the number of women in Parliament.  Afghanistan is ahead of Canada - It's time to put a woman in the (other) HOUSE!!!! Let's get behind Betsy.  We can take her over the top.

See you Wednesday!

Best regards,

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