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February 26, 2007

The Politics of Posh

CommutestressI am trying to get inside Dean Del Mastro's head so that I can get a handle on his big-picture motivation(s). Is it political oneupmanship or is there something deeper that's not quite so obvious?

Take this speech in the House of Commons from February 23rd, for example. It seems to be all about trying to score points at Stéphane Dion's expense -- and in a particularly mean-spirited way. I don't see that it's doing anything to further the work of Parliament or to solve the country's problems; and it's certainly not making me proud that Del Mastro is my Member of Parliament. Am I missing something here?

Mr. Dean Del Mastro (Peterborough, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has unearthed an inconvenient truth about the new Leader of the Opposition. Not only is it not easy for him to set priorities, apparently he loathes environmentally friendly modes of transportation. In fact, while serving as minister of the environment, the Leader of the Opposition took 98 separate posh limousine rides between Ottawa and Montreal in just 17 months.

While the environmental cost of providing a comfy commute for the Leader of the Opposition demonstrates his extreme hypocrisy, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation proclaims this is unfair to the taxpayers of Canada. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation was disturbed to learn the Leader of the Opposition billed the taxpayers $14,255 for commuting in stretch comfort as opposed to choosing a less expensive greener commuting option.

While it is clear the Leader of the Opposition did not get it done as minister of the environment, it is even clearer that when it comes to the environment his message is, “do as I say, not as I do”.

One other thing: Del Mastro is complaining about the cost of 98 "posh" limo rides costing a total of $14,255 over a 17 month period. That works out to $145 for a two-hour limo ride between Ottawa and Montreal (a rate that doesn't exactly scream "posh").


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Great blog! Great Message!!

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If Del Mastro is concerned about wasting taxpayers money he should reconsider his weekly mail out campaign.

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