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January 27, 2007

Environmental Tipping Point is Here: Globe and Mail

Globalwarming_1This story confirms what was almost tangible a few weeks back -- a major turning point in the history of the modern environmental movement.

When Canadians look out the window these days, they say they're seeing global warming. An overwhelming 78 per cent of respondents to the Globe poll, nearly four out of five people, say they've personally noticed climate change. The same number fear it is going to harm future generations. And nearly as many — 73 per cent — say the warming is due to human activity and isn't a natural phenomenon.

Note how this compares to the results of a public opinion poll on climate change that was conducted in the U.S. six months ago:

Americans generally agree that the earth is getting warmer, but there is less consensus about the cause of global warming or what should be done about it. Roughly four-in-ten (41%) believe human activity such as burning fossil fuels is causing global warming, but just as many say either that warming has been caused by natural patterns in the earth's environment (21%), or that there is no solid evidence of global warming (20%).

Obviously, the past six months have had a significant impact on how a great many people feel about environmental issues -- both Americans and Canadians. So when Martin Mittelstaedt writes in his article in yesterday's Globe that an environmental tipping point has been reached, his observation is bang on. See comments related to this story at The Globe's website


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