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January 23, 2007

Can You Collect Them All?

These are the postcards my Member of Parliament sent out during the month of January. I hope I've managed to save them all. There were so many. I'm worried I the kids might have tossed some in the recycled bin before I got to read them. And January isn't over yet. (I took this photo on the morning of January 23 -- the first birthday of "Canada's New Government.") If more postcards arrive between now and the end of the month, I'll upload a more accurate photo.

Postcard Postscript: Del Mastro sent at least two more postcards out in January: a second one focusing on Kyoto and one that substituted the word "moron" for "mourn," in reference to Vimy Ridge. Both Peterborough papers covered the postcard faux pas. Del Mastro apologized for the error, but indicated he would be sending out more postcards -- up to 54,000 postcards per mailing at a cost of "one to two cents per postcard" -- weekly or every two weeks during the remainder of his time in office. Peterborough This Week: MP Del Mastro Apologizes for the Mailer Error
MP Apologizes for "Moron" Typo


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